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Molify is a Multi-Award Winning Software Design, Software Development, and Internet Marketing Firm. Founded in New York City in 2015, Molify has Designed & Developed Sophisticated Software Systems, Consulted on Global Digital Strategy Initiatives, Assisted With Complex Data Migrations, Helping Companies Enhance Their Digital Visualization & Digital Development.

Digital Architects Use Technology To Improve User Experience, Increase Engagement, Boost Competitive Position, & INCREASE REVENUE

Design Business Processes

Digital Architects Design Business Processes to Improve Customer Experience, Improve Competitive Position, & Increase Profitability.

Business & IT

Digital Architects Engage in Both Business and IT, Therefore Participate and Aid in the Facilitation of Strategic Planning.

Connecting People To Content

Digital Architects Possess the Cross-IT Autonomy to Deliver Software Applications That Help Connect People to Content.


User Experience Interactive Design

Enhancing User Interaction

UX Design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction: Improving Usability, Accessibility, and Pleasure provided by the interaction between the user and the software. 

Digital Strategy

Content Marketing

When we create digital content, we are writing our own binary code hoping it will be clicked and shared. By creating content that promotes interaction, the more exposure it will receive, the more digitally reputable we become, the more often we emerge in search, the more clicks, the more shares, the more calls, and ultimately more business.

Data Migration

Storage - Cloud - Application

Data migration is the process of moving data from one location to another, one format to another, or one application to another. Generally, this is the result of introducing a new system or location for the data.

"A Company's Degree of Success Depends Almost Exclusively on Their Ability to Perform Within the Fabric of Today's Digital Environment" 

Founder & CEO

Best Head Shot

Christopher Watson

Lead Digital Architect - Lead UX-UI Designer

My name is Christopher Watson. I Spent the last 25 Years Maximizing Customer Experience: On Wall St, In Medical Device, & Now in Software. Myself, and My TEAM of More than 35 International Software Superstars, & Dozens of Digital Partners Have Been Helping Companies Grow Their Digital Businesses Since 2015.

Digital Architects Focus on the Synergy and Cross-Discipline Integration of the following fields of study: (1) Customer Experience; (2) Cloud, Webscale, Iot; (3) Data Science including Analytics; (4) Business Application, Information,  Technology, and Security Architecture; (5) Artificial Intelligence, (6) Cognitive Science, (7) Neuroscience, (8) Robotics and Artificial Creativity.


Awarded Expertise's "Best Design & Development Firms" (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)

Expertise scores web designers on more than 25 variables across five categories, analyses the results, and hand-picks a list of the best web designers in New York City each year.


Awarded Red Herring’s "Top 100 Tech Startups" North America

The Red Herring Top 100 Award Highlights the most exciting startups from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Hundreds of companies from each region are reviewed in a rigorous 3-step process that looks at all aspects of the company.

Google's A.I. Ranks Mollify The Top "Google Algorithm Specialist" In The World

The Google Algorithm is the MOST COMPLEX & MOST VALUABLE Algorithm on the Planet; It’s a Recipe of How to CONSTRUCT & GROW The Optimal Digital Business Network Within the Fabric of the Web.


Google's A.I. Ranks Mollify's Explanation of "The Google Algorithm" One of the Top Sources in the World

The Google Algorithm is the MOST COMPLEX & MOST Valuable Algorithm in the World. According to the MOST INTELLIGENT A.I. on the planet, Molify understands how this algorithm shapes what 4 Billion People See 5.6 Billion Times Per day.

Google’s A.I. Ranks Molify’s Explanation of "The Internet" One of the Top Sources in the World

Out of over 1.2 Billion Sources Worldwide, Google's A.I. Ranks Molify's Explanation of the Internet a Top Source.


Google’s A.I. Ranks Mollify’s Explanation of "Analytics" One of the Top Sources in the World

As a direct result of Molify's ability to deduce pertinent knowledge from colossal data sets, synthesize this information and explain it, Molify's Explanation of "Analytics" and "Data Analytics" are Ranked Among the Top Sources in the World (Out of more than 443,000,000 Search Results)

Google's A.I. Ranks Mollify's Explanation of "Digital Asset Optimization" One of the Top Sources in the World

Digital Asset Optimization or (DAO) involves the optimization of all of your files: web pages, images, videos, social media profiles, and business listings. Optimizing assets not only makes one’s products more appealing and more visible to prospective clients, but it also makes them appear more often in Google Search.


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594 Broadway, Suite 701 - New York, NY 10012

Client Love!

Like most large companies, things at my organization are compartmentalized. We have disparate departmental functions who deliver across a wide variety of priorities which makes it very difficult to create strategic models. And, like most of today’s company’s, almost 100% of our new business comes in on the web. When a noticeable decline became apparent, I knew we needed to try something different.A friend of mine had used Christopher and Mollify in the past as a 3rd party digital consultant, she had nothing but rave reviews. Since we could not figure out the issue internally, we bought Christopher in for a digital audit. It took him a few hours to review our website, external links, pictures, videos, PR pieces, all of our Digital Assets.He said he could fix the system, but it would take him a couple of weeks. During those two weeks, he diligently executed the necessary tagging and reorganization to make our assets work in a cohesive manner. Before Christopher left, he trained the staff on the steps taken to maintain the newly deployed strategy and our website traffic has doubled; ultimately increasing business development. I give Christopher and Mollify 5 stars.They are professional, honest and focused on doing the right thing by their clients. Many consultants aim to increase their fee revenue, Mollify aims to deliver results with a goal of generating revenue by referrals. Try them, you won’t be disappointed!
Keri Hillerman
Keri Hillerman
I have worked with Mollify on few occasions. When Christopher came to me with this Digital Asset Optimization concept, I thought he was crazy. I didn’t even know what he meant. He ended up showing us how to tag everything properly, put names and descriptions on our photos, put names and and descriptions on our videos, he even introduced us to Yext which helps with our Business Listings. Since making these changes, our website traffic has doubled. Needless to say, I will be using Mollify for as long as I am a Webmaster.
Gaetano Gizzo
Gaetano Gizzo
Christopher is unbelievable. There is so much to technology that I didn't know. I highly recommend Mollify to anyone who is serious about impacting their digital business.
cristian sc
cristian sc
I highly recommend Christopher and Mollify. I look forward to working with him again on future projects. He is very patient and is constantly thinking outside the box.
Godfrey Tsui
Godfrey Tsui
Price was excellent, but there is a reason, which I will get to below.  You just can't find design, which is what I used him for, for the amount I was charged, which was under 10k. I had 20 pages that needed a complete design overhaul.  I am not talking about changing colors or fonts, I am talking about taking a 20 page site and redesigning the entire UI/UX.  If you're in the space, you know how hard it is to get this right. It takes months and often times a team of people to get this nailed. Christopher's is the owner and lead designer who I worked on it with exclusively for a month so. I am not a designer, more a product dev person, so my help was along the lines of input and design ideas. I would put him up against any firm I have used, designer-to-designer, concept-to-concept, out there. I get most design/UI/UX work is around taste and style, but I think I have seen enough to make the claim that this guy was awesome.
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner
Mollify are experts in the implementation of SEO strategy and how to drive more traffic to your site. We can already see the difference in the short time since we relaunched our site and started implementing Christopher’s SEO tips and advice.
All I have to say is WOW. I was skeptical at first, but what the other reviews say is completely true!!! I found Mollify's services on the Internet. Their talents and professionalism are immediately displayed at first glance on their own company website. After scrolling through the site and looking through the portfolio just one time, I was sold. I must mention that that they are quite possibly the most professional and talented agencies I have worked with for web design. I have received so many positive comments on their work + my site traffic has skyrocketed! The results are innumerable.
Christine Yi
Christine Yi
Mollify was instrumental in improving our digital presence. I give them my full endorsement.
Carrie Gill
Carrie Gill