Sebastian Maniscalco, a stand-up comedian known for his physical comedy, Italian-American jokes and clean humor.  With an upcoming role in the upcoming Martin Scorsese film The Irishman, Maniscalco’s star is quickly on the rise. Here’s everything to know about Sebastian Maniscalco, this year’s pick to host the MTV Video Music Awards.

Maniscalco uses his Italian-American heritage extensively in his stand-up act, both in terms of content and presentation. In his instantly recognizable Italian-American accent, he jokes about his typical Italian family life.

He is also known for using his entire body in performances, often dancing around the stage, flailing his arms and changing his voice to put on different characters. It’s with this dynamic that he elevates the airing of his otherwise innocuous day-to-day grievances — like an elderly woman taking too long to order at a fast casual restaurant.

Who is Sebastian Maniscalco?

Born in the suburbs of Chicago, Maniscalco, 46, is a stand-up comedian who got his start in the Los Angeles comedy scene. Though he’s been known in comic circles for a couple of decades and performed on Comedy Central as early as 2005, his fame has risen in the last few years, thanks to more exposure online, many sold-out live shows and two Netflix specials.

Many of Maniscalco’s stand-up routines have millions of views on YouTube.

The comic counts Jerry Seinfeld among his fans and performs at iconic venues like the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. His January run at New York City’s Madison Square Garden was the highest-grossing event of all time by a comedian in North America, according to Billboard, also selling “the most tickets in a weekend for any comedy engagement in the history of the Garden.”

He also placed tenth on Forbes’ list of 2018’s highest-paid comedians, raking in an estimated $15 million.