Digital Asset Optimization or (DAO) involves the optimization of all of your files: web pages, images, videossocial media profiles, and business listings

Optimizing Assets not only makes one’s products more appealing and more visible to prospective clients, but it also makes them appear more often in Search.

Higher, more diverse placement on Search will obviously lead to more traffic, more traffic will lead to more inquiries, and more inquiries will lead to more business.

Digital Asset Optimization makes your products and services more visible and provides multiple opportunities to build your brand.

Creating an appealing, consistent, digital presence across Google’s network is vital for present and future success.

While many of us have heard of or even implemented Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) strategies, most of us are not as familiar with Digital Asset Optimization or (DAO).

While SEO is primarily associated with optimizing web pages, Digital Asset Optimization is all-encompassing and considers all of your company’s searchable assets that can be promoted online.

Optimizing all of your digital assets and maintaining brand consistency will help you become a dominant online player. Here is a list of examples of Digital Assets:

  • Social Media sites (Google Business Page, Google Maps, Facebook Business Page, Twitter account)
  • Location data (Maps optimization, business data aggregators, Internet Yellow Pages)
  • Images (product images, infographic images, news images, article enhancement images)
  • Web pages (category pages, product pages, reviews, sitemaps, semantic markup)
  • Video (product videos, how-to videos, consumer-generated videos, corporate interviews)
  • Social Media data (product feedback, media relations, new product launch)
  • Press Releases (corporate releases, newsworthy releases)
  • Feeds (product shopping feed, map data feed)
  • News (Corporate, new release information)
  • Blogs (company blog, category blog)
  • Forums (product-related, regional discussions)
  • Articles (product use and description related, category related, industry trends

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