The Google Algorithm Controls MOST of what we see when we use our devices.

OVER 92% of ALL THE WORLD’S INTERNET USERS use Google Search to find the “RIGHT ANSWERS TO THEIR QUESTIONS” because “EVERYONE TRUSTSGoogle Search and its ability to consistently provide users the RIGHT SOLUTIONS TO THEIR PROBLEMS.”

63,000 Searches per second
3.8 Million Searches per minute
228 Million Searches per hour
5.6 Billion Searches per day

The Google Algorithm is the Most Complex and Most Valuable Algorithm in the World.

It’s made up of more than 200 factors, more than 10,000 subfactors, tweaked up to 500 times per month and operated by Artificial Intelligence.

The Google Algorithm is a comprehensive guide or rule book explaining – How the Internet Works – How the Entire Infrastructure of the World Wide Web Functions – How each Interconnected Website Influences the Next. It’s a Digital Marketing Protocol – how to optimally design & construct web pages/websites in order to maximize engagement, increase exposure, how backlinks and social media interactions popularize one’s domain, how our entire digital ecosystem behaves and operates.

The Google Algorithm is a Recipe of how to Optimally CONSTRUCT & GROW a Digital Business Network within the Framework of Today’s Internet.

Not ONLY are On-Site Search Engine Optimization Initiatives (Content Quality, UX Design, PageRank) Important Components of a Sound Digital Marketing Strategy, but so are Off-Site SEO Initiatives (Content Strategy, Link Building, & Domain Authority).

Google’s objective is to provide its users with the Most Quality Content from the Most Credible Sources.



The Co-Founder of Google, Larry Page once said…. “The perfect search engine will understand exactly what you mean and give you back exactly what you want”.

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