Jen Selter is an American fitness model and ‘Instagram’ celebrity. She is best known as the first person to popularize the word “belfie,” derived from the word “selfie.” A “belfie” means a self-clicked picture of the buttocks of a person.

Jen started her fitness journey while she was in high school. She often received compliments for her body, and that led her to share her pictures on social media. She worked at a gym and at a plastic surgeon’s office before she became serious about her workout routines. Part of her obsession with fitness was due to the fact that she had earlier been bullied for her looks.

Jen launched her ‘Instagram’ account in March 2012 and slowly started gaining fame on the platform.

Currently, she has more than 12 million followers on ‘Instagram.’ She handles many different accounts on ‘Instagram,’ and her sister helps her in managing them. Jen has appeared in many magazines and publications over the years and is known for having the “best butt in the world.” She also runs paid fitness programs, which have become her main source of income over the years.

“If anything,… I’d like to make mine a little bigger.”

For Jen, a big butt means big bucks.

The fitness junkie has become an Internet phenomenon, turning her hobby of sharing selfies of her perky posterior into a lucrative career.

“I was putting up photos of myself at the gym and started getting a lot of likes,” says Jen, who now has nearly 3 million followers including Rihanna and basketball players Shaquille O’Neal on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages and can earn $60,000 just for posting product endorsements. “I just went viral.”

In 6 years, she went from being just a regular girl working the front desk of a gym to now having an empire of 12 million followers on her main Instagram account.


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