Facebook is extremely dynamic, continually evolving, and now Facebook has become a great place for business.

Facebook is known as a great platform to stay in touch with friends, share pictures, and follow the news.  Facebook is also now a growing business platform.

Over 70 million businesses are now using Facebook Pages. Some 20 million people use Messenger to communicate with customers and more than 5 million businesses are actively using paid advertising on Facebook. Facebook also reports that over 80% of its U.S. users are connected to at least one small business on their network.

Facebook even has competition for the attention of small businesses: Google Inc., Amazon.com Inc., and others are trying to influence this market.  Proof of Facebook’s commitment to this arena, they just announced new features that allow small and medium-sized businesses to beef up their Facebook pages, including one that makes it easier for users to send a message to a business.

Facebook’s objective is to show its users great content.

Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm favors those stories that generate engagement, regardless of whether the initial story was paid to be promoted or not.  Facebook is an excellent platform to share stories in the context of the needs of your audience and to generate leads.

  • A picture tells a thousand words. As such, you can use visual content to tell your business story and connect with your fans.
  • Fans respond really well to quality visually attractive content. The more unique, the better.
  • This might be inspirational quotes, how-to tips, behind the scenes photos of your business or videos.


The Facebook Algorithm

The organic visibility of content in the newsfeed may be decreasing. However, Facebook is trying to offset this by making Facebook Pages more of a destination that business link to and people voluntarily visit.  Videos are playing a big part in this shift by having a much greater prominence on Pages.  Pages can now select a featured video to display on their Page, as well as make playlists in a similar fashion to how it’s done on YouTube.

Facebook’s algorithm has also made more room for video (run on autoplay)  in the newsfeed resulting in a considerable uptick in video views. Businesses can benefit from these changes by producing more videos and posting them directly to Facebook.

Facebook For Business – Best Long – Term Success

For the best long-term success, focus on solving their problems rather than pushing them to do what you want them to do.  Posting a minimum of once a day is a good strategy to ensure that you maintain visibility and reach a significant proportion of your fan base each week. If posting quality content once a day (or even less frequently) is all you have the capacity for, then that is better than posting sub-par postings.

Creating and sourcing relevant, quality content that is useful to your target audience. This is best achieved by planning and developing the majority your content in advance and scheduling it so that it is delivered at the optimal time to achieve your desired objective. You can then supplement these posts with more timely “live” posts as appropriate, rearranging scheduled posts if necessary to make way for fresher content.  One of your objectives should be to empower and activate your fans and employees to be advocates for your content. This will build organic reach, as well as add social proof to the quality of your content.  This will only be achieved if you posting quality content.

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