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Google Algorithm Updates 2021 Updates Featured Snippet Drop  —  February 19, 2021 Unconfirmed MozCast registered a 40% day-over-day drop in SERPs with Featured Snippets, their lowest point since 2015. On further inspection, these were heavily focused on short queries (especially 1-word queries) and disproportionately hit YMYL queries (health and finance). […]

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Google Domain Ranking Factors

Google Domain Ranking Factors – Google Algorithm

Google Domain Ranking Factors: 1. Domain Age: Matt Cutts states that: [embedyt][/embedyt]   “The difference between a domain that’s six months old verses one year old is really not that big at all.”. In other words, they do use domain age…but it’s not very important. 2. Keyword Appears in Top Level […]

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